What a Wonderful, Smart World

Alliance Security | Native Editorial Ad

The goal of this article was not to actively sell the system but to ignite the imagination of the reader to really “want” these things, with a focus on the smart thermostat, home monitoring, and fire protection features.

So I was sitting on the high bleachers with my husband Kevin at our son’s soccer game. He had just snagged the ball with a swift side-kick and was pushing himself across the green towards the goalie when my phone rang. Of course, I ignored it; this was David’s moment! But it kept blaring from the caverns of my purse. He had passed the soccer ball along to one of his team mates and the ringing was so distracting, I picked it up.

Suddenly, all I could hear was Jen’s panicked voice in the phone saying that the fire department was all over my front lawn. In shock, I missed David receive the ball and make his first goal of the season.

Apparently, I was not aware of the power my oven possessed.  As my entire kitchen is being renovated I keep thinking, what could I have done to prevent this?

We already had a highly recommended security and fire system. My gosh, I wasn’t even home. Even though the fire department responded quickly, there was still so much damage. What if my kids were here when it happened? What if Wiley, our furry member of the family, was hurt?

I remembered my friend Jen talking about having a Smart Home system installed by Alliance Security a few months ago and decided to bring it up during our tennis match the next day.

To my surprise, it was a lot simpler than I had thought. Speaking in between the swings and pangs of the bounding ball, Jen told me how it was when their house was broken into while they were in St. Thomas that they decided to research Smart Homes. Now that she has it, she says she couldn’t be happier.

So I decided to look into it myself, and I almost couldn’t believe how functional my house could become!

For instance, you can create pre-set schedules for different times of the day that completely alter your atmosphere. It controls temperature, lighting, blinds, appliance functions, and of course surveillance and locking devices.

You can even program your coffee to start brewing while you’re still in bed! Or set notifications for when your laundry cycle is done. That to me was a new necessity. It’s like our home is working with us.

No surprise, I am officially a proud owner of a Smart Home. My husband was sold at the coffee feature, which is getting endless attention. He loves it, and I must say, I’m falling for our home as well.

Back to the whole reason why I began researching Smart Homes in the first place, our smart thermostat, home monitoring and fire protection combination makes us feel like we have an arsenal of security at our fingertips.

The smart thermostat allows us to conveniently control temperature settings in real time and even set a smart schedule for our lifestyle. Alerts are immediately sent to my phone or computer if a sudden spike or drop in temperature is detected, so I won’t have a repeat of last time…

Sometimes, I feel like a secret agent when my doorbell rings on my iPhone, displaying the person of interest (usually Jen). I can even lock or unlock doors with the click of a button from any location; allowing for convenient entry or departure for visitors, or, for when Kevin forgets the house key (he’s a repeat offender).

I can also monitor David’s safety through the video surveillance, as well as his video game and television intake. He is not the biggest fan of that, but I sure am!

The whole installation process, which I had my concerns about, was as simple as 1, 2, 3. Alliance Security came in and took care of everything. The service man, Fred, was so friendly and seemed genuinely excited for me. He told me I would never look back after this baby was installed, and I believed him.

We even have the option to create energy saving goals, closely monitoring how much power is really being used. If David forgets to turn off his bedroom lights before leaving for school, we’re on it with a click. We’ve been able to cut down so much on our electric bills; I can’t even begin to explain.

Now, there’s no restraint in my day-to-day. With my household at my fingertips, everything can be done with a click, swipe or tap of my touch screen.

So if I’m unsure whether I set the oven timer for our post-game spinach dip or if David posts our family’s vacation on Facebook; I have the upper hand in household security and protection. No more surprises. No more setbacks.

It’s simple, it’s smart, and it’s here for us now. Smart Home, where have you been all my life?

I can’t imagine living without you.

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