QuickLabel: Releasing Versatility & Flexibility with the QL-800

PPMA Machinery Update Magazine, UK | Product Release 

In September 2016, QuickLabel launched their newest printing solution, the QL-800. The release of this new wide format digital label printer brings to light new benefits and an improved versatility for end users.

A World of Versatility

The latest tabletop label printers, the QL-800 prints any text, barcode, or colour graphic in small, cost-effective batches.

Providing users with the flexibility of on-the-fly edits, customers can easily change a colour, specification or even design an entirely new product label on-demand.

A massive benefit for end users, the QL-800 also allows users to easily produce their labels in both narrow and wide formats from 54 mm to 214 mm wide; a new characteristic for colour label printers.

Besides its versatility, the QL-800 offers improved flexibility with high print speeds, just-in-time labeling and the ability to easily streamline production lines.

Professional Labeling at High Speeds

An additional feature of the QL-800 is its ability to print in both high speeds and high-quality, with an output up to 1600 dpi (dots per inch).

Working with a higher dpi, the QL-800 has the ability to print a large variety of labels each with clear-cut, photographic imagery.

“The colours come out so vibrant that it has completely transformed our products and the speed of printing is remarkable. It works in great tandem with my design software.”  — Cassie Esterton, Lessiter’s Ltd.

The QL-800 is able to maintain the photographic quality and clarity even while printing at speeds of up to 152.4 mm per second.

This feature makes the QL-800 ideal for producing commercial or point of purchase labels in affordable, small quantities.

Just-In-Time Production

The QL-800 utilizes just-in-time printing, producing labels for users exactly when they are requested and removing the need for outside printing vendors.

Printing labels consistently, with no blank labels in between, the QL-800 generates full rolls of useable labels.

This feature allows for private labeling and the ability to easily eliminate errors and remain compliant.

Streamlined Production Lines

The QL-800 printer is estimated to dramatically reduce costs through its ability to streamline production lines.

Removing the need to store inventory of printed labels and rely on outside vendors, users no longer have to forecast how many labels are needed in an order. This feature will allow users to save inventory space as well as eliminate the costly expenses of overstock or rush orders.

“I have found QuickLabel to be very helpful both before and after we purchased a Kiaro. The printer suits us perfectly for printing small runs of labels when our customers require a bespoke service – with the Kiaro! we can print smaller quantities without losing any label quality over the labels we have printed professionally.”
— Ben Staerck, Furniture Clinic

With the ability to take production in-house, the QL-800 will save businesses time, money and increases efficiency.

Ultimately, the release of the QL-800 release has given end users a much more versatile labelling option with the ability to print in both narrow and wide formats, produce labels with higher image resolution and utilize in-house production control.

A refreshing solution for the in-house labeling industry, the QL-800 makes it that much easier for commercial businesses to create their own labels.

To learn more about the QL-800, please visit QuickLabel’s website: www.quicklabel.com/ql-800